My interest in cooking peaked at a young age. Growing up in Pakistan, my mother would always be cooking for our family. I would often watch and help her make traditional meals and she taught me a lot. As an adult, I left for America and began my cooking career in 1985 as a Sous Chef at Marina’s Harbor in Hudson, New York. Back then I owned a Subway for 7 years. But one day my love for cooking inspired me to start my business and going back to my roots, I began with a family run restaurant. I’ve been preparing traditional Indian and Pakistani cuisine ever since. My wife and I run the restaurant together. Our hard work and my trade have earned us four Curry Festival awards along the way. 15 years into my independent cooking and I’m still going with the best non vegan & Vegan Food in Port Richey. We bring out the originality of traditional Indian & Pakistani Cuisine in Port Richey with the original recipes which have gone down through ages.